VibraSense | Alva - vibration in pelvic floor training


About Alva - pelvic floor trainer
Hva er Alva?

Alva provides:

  • Effective training
  • Better control of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Faster progression in muscle strength
  • Great feedback to your pelvic floor exercises

Alva was developed after an idea by Prof. MD Gunnar Leivset and Ole Jakob Olsen. The idea is based on the fact that vibration is an effective way to achieve good progression in muscle strength.

While performing pelvic floor exercises Alva helps you to perform these more effective. In shorter time you will achieve greater muscle strength. At the same time Alva helps you do the contractions correctly by visualizing your contractions on the LCD touch-screen. The device tells you when to contract and when to relax. While getting stronger you can increase the intensity of the vibration from LOW to MEDIUM and HIGH.




Alva contains two predefined programs:
Basic program P1 for beginners with no or little strength in their PFM. P1 helps to localize and build up the ability for contraction.

Advanced program P2 for those who are able to contract their PFM. P2 is based on the idea that the vibration exercise should last for as long as you are able to generate a pre defined force level.

Where to buy
VibraSense is searching for worldwide distributors. In Norway, Alva is available in our webshop.

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