VibraSense | Alva - vibration in pelvic floor training


Alva - stressinkontinenstrener
About Alva - pelvic floor trainer

ALVA is an effective training tool that combines vibration with traditional pelvic floor exercises. This combination is a new and revolutionary way to effectively train and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Alva prevents and treats stress incontinence and is:
Alva - trener bekkenbunnsmusklaturen og behandler og forebygger stressinkontinens enkelt og effektivt



Benefits of the use of Alva:

  • Faster progression in muscle strength
  • Guides you easily through training
  • Prevents accidental leaks
  • Reduce the feeling of an overactive bladder
  • Increased vaginal tone
  • Faster recovery of the pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth
  • Reduce symptoms of menopause
  • Improved sexual response