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Vibrasjon i trening

Vibration in training was a therapy that was introduced in the 90s to improve strength, balance / coordination, and increase bone density in people who could tolerate just smaller loads.

The advantages of using vibration in training is formidable. Research has shown significant training effect if you apply vibration while straining the muscles. In shorter time you can achieve the same, and even better effect of vibration, compared to what is achieved over longer training periods. Vibration platforms is something that has been adopted by professional athletes, elite sport schools, famous basketball team in the United States and by NASA.

Vibration is a mechanical stimulation of the muscles that cause it to produced a stretch reflex (tonic vibration reflex) in the muscles that depend on the frequency and causes automatic muscle contractions. In vibration you get an alternating charge of the body given in Hz. The body absorbs these, and that explains the effect of vibration. By straining your muscles or loading them with weights you get the vibration further damped.






Vibration triggers a stretch reflex in the muscles causing the muscle to automatically contract. The contraction seen is more powerful than with normal muscle contractions.

The vibration stimulates the neuro muscular system to recruit muscle fibers to greater activity. Surveys show that 95-100% of muscle fibers are being recruited, compared to 40-80% in traditional strength training. Increased muscle effect through increased recruitment of muscle fibers lead to a more effective exercise.  This makes less trained persons having a good training effect. Training with traditional vibration plates has shown improvements in stress incontinence.

Trening med vibrasjon