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VibraSense har utviklet Alva, et treningsapparat som forebygger og behandler stressinkontinens

VibraSense AS is a company providing products to effectively strengthen pelvic floor muscles by inducing vibration in combination with traditional pelvic floor strength training.  With a strong patent; “Method and device for training of pelvic floor muscles” this has yielded in our first product, the ALVA® - a product to treat women suffering from stress incontinence.

The ALVA is the first in a series of advanced technology products to solve incontinence problems through strengthen pelvic floor muscles by combining vibration with traditional pelvic floor strength training. 1/3 of the population suffers from some kind of incontinence.

ALVA is developed after an idea by Dr.Med Gunnar Leivseth and Ole Jacob Olsen and is a motivating, easy and effective device that assists your pelvic floor training. The basic idea is that vibration is an effective way to increased progression in muscle strength.



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VibraSense har utviklet Alva for forebygging av stressinkontinens